This graph represent market analysis of nanotechnology in different regions of world based on its manufacturing and usage of nano-material. Majorly the synthesis and sales of nano-material is in asia-pacific regions as it covers 60% of market. The Europe is second largest manufacturer of nano-material stating the average of 20% production of whole world. North America is producing 10% of world production despite being of high technology and its economy. Countries in asia-pacific regions such as India, China, Japan, phillepeans , Malaysia, Singapore etc. are leading producer of nanomaterial such as carbon nanotubes, fullerness etc. Rest of the world contributes to the percentage of around 10% production of nano materials.

The graph represents the data on production of nanotechnology products. As Asia-paciffic region produces 60% of nano-material in whole world in the field of medicine. The diagnostic imaging products comprises of nanomaterial products such beam resist etc. the dental products uses gold nano-particles for covering of teeth cavities and other implants production. It generally covers 20% of worlds products production. Medical consumable products such as nano-material for drug delivery products are at second position for production of nanomaterials. Devices such as auxillary devices are produced about 10% in the world majorly used for reading of biosensors and biometrics.